About Selah

We offer online training and equipping for those who seek to deepen their understanding and experience of Worship and the Creative Arts. We create resources for those who are looking for a strong Biblical foundation in Worship, who desire to grow in both character and talent, and who long to cultivate a passionate heart for Jesus.

Our Model

Our curriculum is based on the model provided by Samuel. Samuel was the Biblical prophet who anointed, appointed, and released David into his destiny. This established the Tabernacle of David, and set in place many of the Worship principles that we aspire to today (see Amos 9:11; Acts 15:16). Samuel established a school of the prophets and raised up musicians, singers, writers, and storytellers to prophetically minister to the Lord. We know that this is where David would have been inspired and trained, and where the foundations of the Tabernacle of David were established. This prophetic community cultivated such an atmosphere of the presence and power of God that all who encountered it were radically changed. They walked in such prophetic grace and gifting that they dramatically affected their culture while ultimately helping to shape the destiny of Israel and the World.

Our Vision

There are an unprecedented number of believers in the earth today who know that they were born for Worship and Creativity. They are called to minister unto the Lord, to His people, and to the nations. They are called to minister in Church as well as in the Marketplace. They carry an awareness of a higher purpose, and a longing to see more than is currently being experienced in their lives, churches, and ministries. Our vision is to provide in depth biblical teaching, inspiration, information, and practical training to those who are answering this call. Just like in the days of Samuel, we believe it is a time for trained and confident artists, musicians, and creative worshipers of all disciplines to step forward. It is our desire to help equip you for success. If you are one who hears and responds to this call, know that we value your passion and look forward to journeying with you.

School Policies

We are committed to cultivating a culture that celebrates originality and individual expression in worship. Offering online courses allows us to increase our impact exponentially beyond what we can offer in a weekend conference or other public event. However, in an online-only setting we are unable to offer pastoral counsel to students. The best place to receive this kind of care is within the context of a local church body.

Our hope is that many of you will connect deeply with the material offered in this course, and we realize that a natural outcome of deep connection is the desire to share that connection with others. We respectfully request that you keep in mind the significant investment of time and resources we have put into making this material available, and that your honor both our investment and your own by not sharing your login credentials or specific course materials without permission of the instructor.